Meet Diego

Owner of Moda' Ristorante, Diego Montresor, has a long history in the hospitality industry. Having grown up in northern Italy, in the romantic and storied city of Verona, his love affair with food was inevitable. Between flaming grills and floury pastries, Diego takes a moment to tells us a bit about himself.

Where are you from?

Verona, Italy, the city that gave birth to Romeo & Juliet.

What do you love about Verona?

Verona it a beautiful site, with lots of history and is situated in the middle of the Pianura Padana. One has access to many places in a very short time; I can go to the Alps, Venice or Florence in just a couple of hours. Verona it called the Little Rome.

Since moving to South Africa, what do you love about the country?

I love the people! They are very friendly and even if there are political issues, it is still a country with opportunity, something that Europe doesn't have anymore.

What inspired you to open your own restaurant?

The love and passion for my job and of course the love for the food.

What is your favourite Italian dish?

Risotto al Tastasal, a traditional dish from Verona.

Is there a restaurant here that you admire the most?

BiCE is the chain restaurant were I was working before. I like that they managed to bring the same authenticity and traditions of Italy to their chains all over the world.

Why do you think people love Italian food?

I think it's because Italian food is simple food, with a few basic ingredients and this makes food BUONISSIMO [very good]!

What do you think makes Moda' Ristorante so unique?

The simplicity of the food and the quality of the ingredients.

What is your favourite Moda' dish at the moment?

Of course the Risotto al Tastasal and the Tagliatelle Gorgonzola e Parma Ham.

What advice do you have for people who want to own a restaurant?

It's a very hard industry and it takes a lot of your time, but also it's full of satisfaction. Work hard and never think you know everything because you will always learn.

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